No Switching with Notion Diagram

Effortless Diagramming in Notion simplifies diagram creation within Notion. Seamlessly add and edit flowcharts, mind maps, and UML diagrams directly on your pages, enhancing productivity and clarity in your projects.


What you get with Notion Diagram

The easiest, efficient, and powerful way to create diagram in Notion

No More Switching

Create and edit diagrams without ever leaving your Notion workspace. Our extension embeds directly into your Notion interface, providing a seamless diagramming experience.

Diverse Diagram Types

Whether you're crafting complex flowcharts, detailed mind maps, or intricate UML diagrams, Notion Diagram supports an extensive range of diagram types to cater to all your needs.

Simple and Efficient

With an easy-to-use interface, Notion Diagram makes the process of adding and editing diagrams straightforward and hassle-free.